Some images of club-feet varus equine


First example


Traditional aspect of club-foot varus equine right, in a moderate form

The part before foot turns in inside (adduction).

The heel rocks in inside (varus)


Second example


Aspect of club-foot varus equine bilateral.

Right-sided, one sees well the rocker of the heel (varus) and foot plants it which turns to the top (supination).

Left side, one sees the point of the foot which moves to the bottom (equine)




Third example



ATTENTION, these images correspond to the severe case of club-foot !


Front view of the right foot

Severe case of clubfoot

Front view of the left foot
The club-foot is
a stiff foot as of the birth

On this image, one sees that the mobilization passivates foot does not make it possible to rectify it
Result after 7 reducing plasters
Same foot after Ponseti's casts Same left foot in profile : it is possible to flex the ankle Same foot after Ponseti's casts
After the plasters of Ponseti, there exists a clear improvement of the flexibility of the foot and ankle


Gallery of images




Gallery of vidéos


Video of percutaneous tenotomy of the tendon of Achilles

Cut file:
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Duration of the video:
38 seconds

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